Going Too Far ! 

True Story

Wendy & Anthony Baptista

As your founder of Chronic Pain Advocates - I must be honest there have been more times than I care to count even recently I have just reached my Breaking Point with some of these Spineless Doctors we are told we have to depend on for our Health Care. Besides being a Survivor of Intractable Chronic Pain for many years mostly due to my body taking a beating during my Public Safety Career. I have now come across not one but two so called Neurologist located with in the Memorial Hospital of Gulfport Physician’s Group. Both females, Doctors which gender should never matter but there could be some decent female neurologist I have yet to meet. But the first Neurologist we will just call her Dr. M - I was her patient in the later part of 2015 while a inpatient at the hospital suffering from severe onset of neurological problems, lets just say she never ordered one test or even did a neurological work up on me. She only focused that I had a history of chronic pain and that I had a Pain Pump Implanted so I should be in no discomfort funny thing was although I was in Acute Pain for 4 days laying in the hospital bed before we met I never once asked for pain control.

The only advice this Neurologist offered my wife and I was to travel to the Mayo Clinic because she did not like working on patients with chronic pain. This happened actually back in Nov 2015 needless to say they discharged me without any help what so ever because I asked why this was my answer.

The Charge Nurse Lied To The Security Dispatcher Said I was Refusing To Leave The Hospital post discharge They Sent 8 Officers to my room and I could not even walk without assistance , I did not even use bad language trust me I was in the Navy I also can curse someone out in 3 different languages but I did remain calm. This was truly my Breaking Point probably because my entire career I was in a Uniform protecting others or patching them up. The below Officer is a Ret. Homicide Det. from GPD he had my respect because he knew from the start I was not a threat and they had been lied too, he removed the other 7 officers from my sight immediately. He remembered just a year earlier I was shot on duty although Medicare Reps (Keep-Pro) told the Charge nurse to leave me in the hospital until they could review my medical records the Nurse just hung up the phone. Without most of the use of my legs and feet I was wheeled to my Dodge Ram Q Cab and the Officer apologized to me but said he had to do what the doctor ordered.  

This was the niciest officer of the 8 they sent to my room

Get Out Now !

   Had it not been for my Pain Management Specialist Dr.Chad Domangue MD from Cypress Pointe Pain Management in Hammond LA , that’s right discharged at 5 pm on a Friday and had to be driven approx. 100 miles to get someone who cared about me to help. I first saw Miranda Johnston PA-C, One of the best in medicine (TRUST ME) she took one look at me left the exam room at went to get Dr. Chad they told me my Pump was not the cause nor was the medication inside and that something more serious was underway. From there I was rushed by Ambulance back to NOLA to The University Hospital (LSU) School of Medicine among other fine medical schools. I was seen in the ER by the on call Neurologist (Intern) he took a look at me performed a few test on my reflexes he told my wife and I that I had a serious neurological condition known as GBS or Gillian Barre’ Syndrome which could result me being fully paralyzed and on a Ventilator in a Medically Induced Coma. But I respectfully asked this young Doctor to allow me to fight because I was at my BREAKING POINT I used that built up anger I had for the 1st Neurologist Dr. M and the other hospital that threw me out like trash because I was a “Chronic Pain Patient” BKA “Drug Seeker” Well let may say this every single person in this Beautiful Country goes to see their Medical Provider and pay good money to do so may I ask this one question please? What the hell are they going in for ? I can answer that with honesty and ease discomfort is 1st on the list and the other medical conditions that all require one thing in common That my friends is Prescription DRUGS ! So I guess over 370 million Americans are DRUG SEEKERS. The Rest of The Story Will Continue Stay Tuned and thank you. Anthony Baptista 

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